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American Traffic Information, Inc. (ATI), established in 1986, is a company specializing in traffic monitoring , data collection and processing. The firm has extensive experience in the deployment and operation of various types of monitoring equipment and different methods of data collection techniques utilized in this field.

ATI is involved in major data collection projects for different government agencies including The New York City Department of Transportation, The New York State Department of Transportation, The Port Authority of NY & NJ, and other government agencies and traffic & transportation engineering consultants in North, East and Central States.

The firm is a specialist in Traffic Video Analytics which includes on-call deployment of video mobile units for short- and long-term traffic monitoring surveys. Manual or software driven methods are utilized to extract the requested traffic information.

ATI also deploys Microwave Recording Units for temporary and long-term speed-statistics studies on local road networks or highways and bridges.

Standard traffic surveys utilizing ATRs (Automatic Traffic Recorders) with ATI’s own brand of traffic recorders and manual traffic recording is performed on a daily basis by ATI.

Standard traffic surveys performed by ATI include intersection counts, O-D surveys, parking studies, travel time studies, etc.

ATI employs 10 full-time technicians and over 60 part-time surveyors.

Our one and only priority is the customer satisfaction

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